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Maximize Your Legacy, Optimize Your Space:

MNI Vault Installation System

Creating a columbarium isn’t just about providing a haven for memories – it’s about maximizing space and ensuring the most efficient use of resources. At Magnificat Niches, we understand this delicate balance, and that’s why we offer groundbreaking vault installation systems that optimize your space while honoring the sanctity of your sacred sanctuary.

Unparalleled Efficiency

More Vaults, More Options

Our revolutionary system utilizes cutting-edge structural technology, allowing you to fit 20% more vaults on a standard wall unit compared to conventional systems. This translates to 63 vs. 80 vaults per unit, maximizing your potential revenue and capacity.

Visualize the Difference

See the power of space optimization in action! Our illustration clearly demonstrates how 9 vaults become 10, and 7 rows transform into 8, unlocking previously unrealized possibilities within your columbarium walls.

Unwavering Quality, Seamless Implementation

Current Engineering, Precise Execution

We adhere to the strictest engineering practices, ensuring every vault is installed with meticulous care and unwavering structural integrity.

No Heavy Lifting, No Disruption

Forget the need for cumbersome equipment! Our system requires minimal disruption, making the installation process smooth and efficient.

Collaborative Expertise

Our team of dedicated engineers and designers collaborates closely with your architects and builders, ensuring flawless execution that meets your exact specifications.

Nationwide Reach, Local Precision

From bustling city centers to serene countryside sanctuaries, we bring our expertise to every corner of the Philippines, installing your precision-designed vaults wherever your vision takes you.

Investing in More than Just Space

Choosing Magnificat Niches isn’t just about maximizing your capacity, it’s about investing in quality, efficiency, and peace of mind. We take pride in delivering:

Durable, long-lasting installations that stand the test of time.

A professional and transparent installation process that keeps you informed every step of the way.

Unwavering commitment to exceeding your expectations and honoring the sacred purpose of your columbarium.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your columbarium? Contact Magnificat Niches today for a free consultation.