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Columbarium Niches

Manufactured with skeletal frames constructed from profiled aluminum, our vaults provide durability and stability. The interior of the vault is crafted from opaque thermoplastic polymer materials derived from the monomers Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

For the exterior finish of the vault, choose from solid-surface, natural stones, or ceramic tiles, all made from sturdy materials. Our Columbarium Vaults are designed to be maintenance-free, ensuring lasting quality and peace of mind.

The standard vault dimensions are 372mm (width), 286mm (height), and 465mm (depth)

Isometric Drawing

Services Included

Product Addons

Vault Cover

We understand the significance of creating a dignified and enduring memorial for your loved ones. That’s why we go beyond crafting exceptional niches – we offer a selection of meticulously chosen Columbarium Vault Covers designed to elevate your columbarium space with timeless elegance and functionality.

Each vault is securely locked using Rosettes. These are special screws/bolts designed to hold the cover to the vault. These come in several designs and shapes such as rose, lotus, daisy or other designs specified by the client. Rosettes also come in several ‘finishes’ such as bronze, silver, gold, pewter and stainless steel.

From Design to Dignity

Our vision, our expertise. Collaborate with our design team to craft unique niches that reflect individual memories and family traditions.

Timeless Materials

Choose from the strength and elegance of natural stone or the modern versatility of solid surface. Each material ensures lasting care and preservation.

Secure Reverence

Our secure vault rosettes provide added peace of mind, while personalized engravings become enduring tributes to cherished lives.

Unmatched Experience

We manufacture and supply to clients across the Philippines, offering dedicated support and meticulous attention to detail throughout the process.

Elevate your legacy. Start your personalized design journey today.